About Bartmann Group

Have a meal in one of our restaurants, and hopefully you'll experience the Bartmann Group value system. Welcome, enjoy, come and see us again sometime. The venues are a reflection of Kim Bartmann's personal philosophy: use creative energy to feed people, connect with community purpose, and welcome diversity. Each as unique as the communities that they inhabit, Bartmann's restaurant venues and events embrace diversity and connect people with purpose while feeding them good food.

Bartmann has never viewed local and organic food as trendy, but rather as the way that food should be cultivated and consumed. Whether it's a bowling alley or a the French bistro, all of Bartmann’s restaurants are supplied with seasonal, sustainable produce at times from their own organic farms, and most often from local and regional farms. Seafood is procured following the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program, and the restaurants are certified Fish Smart through the program of the Minnesota Zoo.

Embracing diversity is at the heart of Bartmann’s core beliefs; diversity of life in the soil feeds the diversity of people enjoying the restaurants, and everything in between. Everyone is welcome, which is manifest in menu offerings, design, and the happy and talented staff.