Bryan Meister



Bryan is an IT, numbers and hospitality specialist with over 12 years of experience wrangling finances for hotels and restaurant management companies. More recently he balanced the books for the caterers that provided visitors to the RiverCentre and Xcel Energy Center a good time. As a big picture guy with an eye for details, Bryan worked closely on systems and processes to achieve accurate, consistent and useful financials. Also, he was involved with the implementation and use of new Point-of-Sale, inventory management, catering billing and other business systems. Additionally, Bryan contributed to the operational execution and accounting reconciliation of many large and complex events, such as the Republican National Convention in 2008.

Bryan’s interest in IT and love of exploring and understanding diverse business systems inspire him to constantly search for best value to time and energy ratio. Plus, he can rock a spreadsheet! If you ever need to accomplish anything in Excel, no matter how simple or complex, Bryan’s your guy. Just be prepared because a “great passion for Excel spreadsheets” is somehow an understatement. Swoon.