Urban Farm

One hundred years ago, there was a dairy farm in South Minneapolis. This is a fun fact for two reasons. Dairy farms have dairy cows and dairy cows have a way of leaving the land remarkably fertile, and today, that’s still home to the Tiny Diner Farm. Bartmann bought the farm in 2013, hiring a local expert in permaculture design to give it a makeover to both create a sustainable environment and  provide her restaurants with fresh, organic produce.

Due to the popularity of all her restaurants, (humbly said….)  she quickly outgrew the farm and set her sights on a bigger plot. The building has been sold, but loving this land and the farm and the idea and the need for this in the community, Bartmann continues to rent the urban farm and share space with other urban famers starting out to use the land for their own businesses. 

Together, along with various community organizations, they all work closely together to foster a healthy space, building habitats for bees, plants and people. This includes hosting skill-share workshops, youth education, as well as the retail of local goods and foods. Plus it just seems so right to have a farm in the city.


Garden Farme

Literally outgrowing the little farm in the city, Bartmann moved north and rented a large plot at Garden Farme. Certified organic since 1977, it was Minnesota’s first organic farm, and is located in Anoka County. Our farmers practice permaculture techniques based on whole-systems thinking and  grow seasonal produce for all eight of the restaurants.

More than sixty different crops are grown here, then delivered to the restaurants within hours of harvesting. The farmers and chefs are in constant collaboration, ensuring as much produce as possible is used in new, creative ways.


Tiny Diner             Farmers Market

From June to October you’ll find the Tiny Diner Farmers Market market open on Thursdays,  supplying the community with local produce while allowing smaller scale farmers to be vendors with flexible market rates.

Garden Farme, Urban Farm, friends, other farmers, and family all participate along with other artisans and musicians. Now on its third year, the Tiny Diner Farmers Market takes place on Thursday nights from 5-8pm in the restaurant’s parking lot. A highlight of the fall is the Annual Tomato Tasting, a collaboration with Seed Savers and farmers and gardeners helping to introduce people to new heirloom varieties.