Culinary Director

Chef John Pullis, brings over 30 years of expertise in conceiving, developing and launching diverse and innovative restaurant concepts to his position as Culinary Director at The Bartmann Group.

Before starting his career at Nova in 2016, Pullis served as Director of Culinary Operations for the Nova Restaurant Group, North American Director of Food and Beverage for Brunswick Corporation, president and co-founder of Food for the Journey, Executive Chef for Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, and Vice President of development for Texana Grill. After receiving his degree in English, Pullis was graduated with honors from The New York Restaurant School and then received a scholarship to study with Madeleine Kamman at The School for American Chefs in St. Helena, CA. Since 1987, he has developed recipes, menus, and highly acclaimed restaurant concepts including Arizona Flats in Fairfield, CT; The Adobe Café in Philadelphia, PA; the 5 unit Paolo’s California Italian chain based in Washington, D.C.; Texana Grill in Nashville, TN; Twin City Grill, Tucci Benucch, and The Magic Pan in Bloomington, MN, 3 Tavern ’45 restaurants in the Atlanta and Illinois markets, and most recently Hazelwood Food and Drink in Bloomington, MN.

 Pullis currently lives in Eden Prarie, MN, with his wife Joan where he keeps his cookbook and wine collections. Pullis enjoys cycling and is a black belt and former instructor in Shorei-Ryu, an ancient martial art form from Okinawa, Japan.