Mo Moore has been an important part of Bartmann Group since 2013, working as Director of Operations and Kim’s right hand man. Every day he travels to and fro, restaurant to restaurant, from front to back of the house- working with the managers to make sure the financials are tight, HR is under control, and most importantly, the restaurants are churning.

Backing up, he attended California State University, Fresno, then pursued a degree from San Joaquin College of Law. After a brief stint as a police officer, he pursued his real passion of cooking and attended the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park. Working his way from private chef to executive chef, Mo oversaw the kitchens at Axels and Bonfire Restaurants, helping to open 17 new locations.

He landed as the Executive Chef at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport, overseeing 44 restaurants in a full operations role. Wanting to return to a full-service restaurant, Mo rejoined Axels and Bonfire Restaurants as the Director of Culinary and Purchasing, looking after all back of house operations, menus and kitchen design.

Itching to explore a more independent environment, Mo traded in his suit and joined Bartmann Group. His law and order background mixed with a deep love of culinary, helps him implement systems and processes to ensure that all of the Bartmann Group venues thrive.