After years working as a server and bartender, Krista swore she wouldn't set foot in a restaurant again. But after a brief stint in a "regular job," she quickly realized restaurants were in her blood. She rejoined the industry as Figlio's Bar Manager and Assistant General Manager, which led to General Manager roles at Salut Grand, Crave and 318 Cafe.

A Certified Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers, she's got a fancy pin and 4,000 flashcards to prove it, Krista is anything but a "wine nerd." Instead, she thinks of herself as a "restaurant nerd" who's passionate about creating incredible experiences for guests — Whether that's introducing them to an exotic new wine or mixing them a memorable cocktail. Developing a bar program that elicits a joyful memory long after the evening has ended is Krista's goal. And with the help of the Bartmann Groups talented roster of bartenders, she's on her way to creating one of the most innovative programs in the Twin Cities.

When Krista isn't in a restaurant, she still has her nose in a bottle, running the Minnesota Wine School. There she offers wine classes and consulting services to wine enthusiasts as well as menu development and staff training for restaurants. On weekends you'll find her mumbling 90's hip-hop lyrics and running around the lakes. She currently lives in Richfield with her two handsome sons and husband, Mike.