Waters, a 26-year restaurant industry veteran, believes that love can grow the bottom line. Which isn’t that surprising, considering that quality relationships are fundamental to the success of a restaurant. As The Bartmann Group’s Vice President of Operations, Bre is in charge of nine diverse neighborhood restaurants, their staff, and their plans for future growth. 

Being able to serve others in a way that impacts the greater good, is Bre's life's purpose— a purpose that she discovered during her 24 years working with Buca Inc. Bre began her career working in sales and marketing, this role led to a career in HR and Training, that ultimately led to a leadership position in operations. During her time at Buca Inc., Bre led the store training program for the entire company, a program that included training for executives and R&D teams. She contributed to the creation of S.M.A.R.T, a cost savings program that grew profit 13MM annually. Her proven track record of success and her aptitude for employee relations resulted in her being named Vice President of Buca Inc’s. East Coast operations where she oversaw 60 units and more than 150MM in annual revenue.

In her short time with The Bartmann Group, Bre has quickly become a dynamic leader in the organization. She's created a new approach to employee training and retention, one that inspires personal and professional growth through a one-to-one coaching model. This coaching model allows her to engage with people in an authentic way, connecting their purpose to the organization's mission. The results are an increase in employee morale and a decrease in employee turnover; results that in turn inspire staff to focus more on creating remarkable experiences for restaurant guests. 

Bre knows that the greatest asset to any organization is its' people and she thrives in a role that allows her to love people genuinely. Her secret gift of being able to meet people where they are at, listen to them empathetically, and coach them through obstacles has inspired in staff a sense of ownership and personal agency that is ultimately re-shaping the destiny of The Bartmann Group.