Rebecca Slapnicher

R Slapnicher.jpeg

Beverage Program and Special Projects Coordinator

Rebecca loves nothing more than seeing people step of out of their comfort zone and try something new. What else would you expect from someone who began her 20-year career in beverage consulting and restaurant management around the country by “taking a break” from working for Prince as a tour production assistant and getting a gig at a restaurant called “Rock Star”? 

Hired in 2014 as Kim Bartmann’s executive assistant, she also worked with Kim to develop unexpected wine lists with a focus on sustainability and organic/biodynamic practices. How do you make a great beverage menu? Rebecca has the answer: You take risks:

“I truly have an appreciation for a great beverage menu. It’s really fun to follow trends and apply them to classic cocktails to get people out of their comfort zone. I also love introducing people to new varietals of wine that they may have never tried or heard of before, ” says Rebecca.  She now spends her time split between curating the beverage program and running special projects, of which there are many in the Bartmann universe.

Rebecca is also pursuing her Cicerone Certification and blogging about wine and spirits, and recently loved celebrating Women’s History Month with a curated wine list dedicated to Women Winemakers, a project near and dear to her heart, and one which was enthusiastically received by patrons.

When she’s not lavishing in libations, she enjoys spending time outdoors and with her husband and toddler Miko. But she has to admit she doesn’t mind bringing her work home with her — whether it’s trying new wine or experimenting with a new cocktail idea. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.